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Aperibirra Tech

Beer Friends Networking

I/O Extended 2021 @ GDG Pisa

IO Android Cloud Data ML/AI

#IWD 2021 | International Women's Day


#Hashcode 2021


Reti Neurali Ricorrenti Profonde e Randomizzate - Deep Reservoir Computing

MachineLearning QuarantineTogheter Data Data ML/AI

DevFest Italia 2020

DevFest QuarantineTogheter Android Cloud Data Inclusion ML/AI Mobile Web

Facciamo Co-Design

Design WomenTechmakers

Intro to Flutter

Flutter WomenTechmakers QuarantineTogheter

Jurassic Programming: lo sviluppo prima dei PC.

Amarcord QuarantineTogheter

Let's Breakout the Love!

LUA Love2D QuarantineTogheter

GDG DevParty Together

DevPartyTogether Tech WomenTechmakers SoftSkills QuarantineTogheter

Kotlin vs Kovid

Kotlin YouTube QuarantineTogheter

Meetup WTM - LGBT 101


Come tenere un talk


Practical Machine Learning for Beginners

Python MachineLearning

Python from zero


PWA From Scratch


WebDev for Dummies

HTML CSS Bootstrap WomenTechmakers

Storia di un feedback form 2.0

Python RaspberryPi WomenTechmakers

Actions on Google D.I.Y.

Python RaspberryPi GoogleAssistant WomenTechmakers

REST API in Golang e MongoDB

GoLang MongoDB REST

Google I/O Extended 2019

Firebase Android GoogleAssistant

GDG DevFest Pisa 2019


Introduzione al Testing in Go

GoLang Testing

Developers' Day

Android others Kotlin

Smart Home Made Easy

Python RaspberryPi

Introducing GDG Pisa


Kotlin Lab

Kotlin Android

Google IO Extended 2018 - Pisa

MaterialDesign Firebase Android AndroidThings GoogleAssistant

GDG DevFest 0.1 Pisa


#Hashcode 2018


JavaScript from Zero to Jedi


GDD Europe 2017 Extended - Pisa

Firebase Android AndroidThings

Google I/O Extended 2017 - Pisa

Firebase Android AndroidThings GoogleAssistant

Welcome to the material design

MaterialDesign WomenTechMakers

#Hashcode Gym Party


Firebase, from Zero to Hero